Since our business is about you and the content that we offer, we will keep this page rather brief. If you need information in addition to what we provide here and our résumés, please get in touch with us.

William Barnett
William Barnett

All of us depend on stories. We consume stories by reading novels, memoirs, watching films, and even reading non-fiction books and articles. We construct our own life stories, patching together the fragments of our lives and into a recognizable pattern. Building on what I have learned as a college administrator and professor, I am excited to help not-for-profit organizations, businesses, colleges, and individuals tell their stories more effectively.

Sometimes, I can help by providing new or revised content for a website. At other times, I assist with blog creation, grant writing, outreach to current or prospective clients, creating online or print marketing materials, and researching success stories or white papers. I often think, however, that I help most just by listening, by attempting to understand thoroughly the goals of individuals and organizations. On that basis, I can work with you to tell your story in a compelling way.

Lately, I have been concentrating in the health care and dental care sectors. But I remain open to assisting other businesses and not-for-profit organizations. To get a more detailed glimpse of my background and accomplishments, click here to see my résumé or send me your questions. Above all, please write or call so that we can begin a conversation.



Jenny Barnett

Have you ever noticed what makes a collage so mesmerizing? The overlapping edges! Just like the fascinating intersection of art, science, history, and business, I approach consulting with a creatively analytical mind.

My own punctuated evolution illustrates this point. I’m an artist. A physicist. A business woman. An American cultural scholar. A writer. I know that at first glance these areas appear to be disparate. But each layer informed the next. In other words, weaving together our experiences, makes us distinctive—more important, it defines our niche.

Do you agree that, all too often, professionals don’t listen to their clients? My approach–to actively listen to your story—allows me to adeptly discern a strategic path forward.

Since we encounter a wide variety of organizational and individual situations, you can count on me to develop an overall analysis of your organization’s circumstances and map a communications and marketing strategy that will allow you to realize your ambitions.

Please send us a brief description of your situation and concerns so that we can begin a conversation about how best to move forward. I look forward to sharing in your story. If you want to know more about me, please click here to see my résumé. You’ll see the difference in our approach, and in turn, you’ll make the difference!




As the namesake of Aslan in C. S. Lewis’s Narnia series, I guard against the evil that lurks beyond our hearth. I’m a compassionate, but not tame, companion, who provides comfort and perspective for the humans who live with me.

Often, I feel that they misunderstand my intentions since they try to bar my access to the computer keyboard (they obviously failed this time!). Nevertheless, they feed me (not as much as I would like); so I will allow them to remain for now.

For all consulting needs, I advise you to contact the humans via the white light box. Leave me free to hunt mice, sharpen my claws, and take long naps.