Writing Samples

Here you will find writing samples that highlight our approach to various projects and genres. For proprietary reasons, these samples include content that masks or fictionalizes their actual organizational context. Please get in touch if you have questions about our approach to any similar project.

Client Blogs

The following are blogs that have been written and published by current clients. Since the intent here is to illustrate my blog creation, links to client websites have been removed.

Drink More . . . Water?

Keep Your Kids Safe for a Fun Summer!

Ticks Can Make You Sick!

Men, Get Healthy!

New Level VIII Wireless Electronic Inspection

Meals, Rest Breaks, and Driver Pay

6 Ways to Cope with Fall Seasonal Allergies

Website Content Revision

Much website content today is too wordy and focused too much on the sponsoring organization. This is deadly when research shows that the average attention span of online visitors is 8 seconds—shorter than that of a goldfish! All such writing should quickly convey information that the viewer seeks. To see how we revise poorly written content, click here. For an example of a recently revised website, check out the site for Kathy’s Urgent Care.

Case Study/Success Story

Human beings love and depend on stories. That is why many organizations use success stories to convey to others what they’re all about, what they can do. This sample case study tells a story that outlines the problem, explains the solution, and reports the result. To see how a college might encourage students to use library resources, click here.

Fundraising Letter

At the beginning, this e-mail or print solicitation focuses  on the donor’s having supported this cause in the past before outlining the continuing need. The letter then proceeds to explain the advantages to the organization and to the donor of acting now. To see or download the letter, click here.

Grant Proposal

This grant proposal to a non-government funding agency acknowledges and describes a social need that the project addresses and that matches the funding organization’s objectives. In addition to the narrative, the proposal includes a clear statement of the project’s goals and objectives, a detailed project schedule, a budget, and a plan for evaluating success. To see or download the proposal, click here.

White Paper

Since a white paper reflects a more involved study of a specific problem, it typically rests upon some research that supports a resolution involving the sponsoring organization. This white paper was created in 2010; changing enrollment data since then would likely alter its conclusions. Nevertheless, the structure and argument illustrate the sort approach that we take. To view the paper, click here.

Sales Letter

Sales letters, whether online or printed, should emphasize benefits to the reader. Ideally, a list of benefits should include a price and time incentive to buy. After all, you want potential clients to act now. To see how we approach constructing a sales letter, click here.